12 July 2012

Magic Jack

This is Jack Mackenroth, who may be familiar to you. He was on a reality show called Project Runway, which I've never seen. I guess it has something to do with airports.

Jack is openly gay but I don't know if he's single. He's 43 and looks fantastic for his age. He's six foot tall and weighs 190 pounds. He's done a lot of modeling and acting work and was a champion swimmer.


  1. Anonymous06:13

    He's also HIV+, and while competing on PR had to leave the competition when he had a health scare. At one point he dated Top Chef finalist Dale Levitski, but they've since broken up.

  2. He is a very stunning man. His website is http://www.jackmackenroth.com. He's very active with HIV projects and definitely more than just a pretty face.

  3. Well, he looks great for a man of any age. WOW!!!

    Whoever or whatever created mankind, Magic Jack is defenitly one of the masterpieces in looks, dedication and self-discipline.

    Without the last two ones, he would not have gained that inspirational body of his. Well done, Jack. :)

  4. Airports! I am taking this as a joke or else your gay card has to be revoked! You must start watching. You know I think you can get the previous seasons On Demand!

  5. Anonymous09:26

    I believe you are joking about Project Runway, it as nothing to do with Airports.Its about finding new talents and designers in fashion, Jack was a contestant in one of the many shows i dont remember him looking this good but then i wasn't a great fan of the show. He also won some medals in the gay Olympics so good for him he as a damn fine body.

  6. Anonymous10:08


  7. Anonymous10:29

    Jack is a talented fashion designer, and has been living wih HIV quite fabulously (although I don't recommend it for anyone else).

    Cheers, Jack!


  8. what a HUNK!!! Has he been snatched up by Heidi Klum yet ... now that she's single again ...?!

  9. What's truly amazing about Jack Mackenroth, is that he has been living with HIV for a long (like over 20 years I think) time.

  10. Jack is also one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet.


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