11 July 2012

Very Hard

I love this video. Rafael gives Dominic a good hard fuck, but he's also incredibly tender and passionate. I particularly like how Rafael licks up all his cum after he's dumped his load on his lover's body and in his mouth. This movie appears to have been posted just last week, so hopefully it won't be pulled for a few more days.


  1. hot guy ... always had a thing for a man wearing glasses ... he's HOT!

  2. Wow, yes very hot!!

  3. Anonymous07:21

    one of the best videos I'd seen in a long time, gorgeous guys, passion, good camera shots .....ETC.
    Can someone tell me how to find it on XVIDEOS.COM? I have searched all over the web site, under all possible titles I could think but hadn't find it, I'd love to share it with my friends and keep it on my favaorites for as long as they have it.....anyone can help?

  4. Anonymous07:57

    What beautiful men! That was miles beyond so many clips I've seen -- there's real engagement there. Love their kisses.

  5. Anon, just click on the video above and you'll be taken directly to the Xvideos page with that particular vid.

  6. Anonymous04:45

    Fantastic. Rafael's dick is so hot.

  7. That was so damn hot. They were meant for each other.

  8. Anonymous21:14

    It's not so evident to find a good top like that who is capable of long term pleasure and knows how to please while taking his pleasure...

    for a long or short relationship!!!


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