16 July 2012


How I love to see a hot looking man naked, bound, and helpless. Bonus points if his cock is hard, too.

I don't want to see him hurt or bleeding. I just like to see him completely submissive and ready to be teased, milked, and edged.

He might also be ridden hard and a tad rough, but nothing too painful. After all, he must realize when it's all over how much fun he had and how badly he wants to do it again.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    I fully agree ... of the lot, I especially fancy the one in the bottom pic and I can tell you, my own fantasy runs riot as to what I might do with in precisely such a scenario as depicted ... !

  2. I totally second what you say! Nothing hotter than a sexy, masculine, handsome, man being at my mercy!

  3. Anonymous18:22

    This is but the stuff of fantasies.

    NEVER let anybody tie you up in real life.

  4. Anonymous05:31

    Entièrement d'accord aussi. Rien de plus bandant qu'un beau mec offert, et complètement impuissant, comme sur la première photo...

  5. Anonymous10:38

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