09 July 2012


This is porn actor Damien Stone. I like his real-man look -- he could be a plumber who comes to your house to fix a leak. I like that he hasn't shaved and tweezed himself to look like a prepubescent girl. I particularly like the profile shot -- that's more erotic art than porn.

I couldn't find anything about his personal life. I know he only tops in his films but that's about it. He looks like he could be Josh Brolin's brother. My brain just blew a few circuits as I imagined Damien and Josh swapping blowjobs.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    never heard of him, but he's absolutely amazing! Absolutely!!!

  2. Anonymous19:07

    If you don't think his eyebrows aren't tweezed, you're nuts! No one's eyebrows are that far apart.

  3. LOVE the ass shot, now that's YUMMY!

  4. He just looks like sleazy sex on legs! YUM!


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