31 July 2012


This is one of the best amateur shots I've seen in a long while. Unfortunately, Google Image Search does not reveal any information about them.

The one in the back looks like he might be a bit older, so perhaps he's the "dad" in the relationship. He's handling the lad in front's cock somewhat possessively, whereas the front one is more like he's servicing the back fellow's cock by jacking him.

I'll bet these two have a hard drive or two or more full of their fucking pictures and videos. There's a good chance, however, we'll never be able to see them.

Somewhere today in your travels you may see them and not even know it. The buff older bloke in a suit could be the one in back, while the cute student sauntering by you on the street is the younger lad in front.

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  1. Anonymous09:50

    ... rather .... hhhmmm ... snappy!


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