29 January 2015


This big strapping lad is Angelo. He's done only a handful of porn scenes in the last four or five years, both as a top and a bottom. I wonder why he's not done more of them.

I did find his listing on one of the rentboy sites. Perhaps he finds that a more lucrative career than porn. He seems to be an exclusive top when he's escorting. I'd wager that the right amount of cash might change his mind.

There are three dozen large format photos in this set, which can be downloaded it their entirety for free here.


  1. Anonymous07:25

    Grandote-Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous16:13

    Uh-huh--now that's what I'm talkin' (and dreamin') about--!
    This young dude could be Alex Marte's cousin or bro--
    Hmm--there's a thought---

  3. Anonymous03:23

    I think he's just done a scene with Chris Rockway (Randy Blue) ...hurray!!!

  4. Well he's just about perfect!


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