23 January 2015

Reality Interruption

This blog usually features naked men and porn, but the post today will be an exception. Featured below are three photos of a 50-year-old sheriff's deputy marrying his 33-year-old boyfriend. They were the first gay couple to wed legally in Florida.

What I like about this true story is how reality reflects fantasy: a gruff and grizzled "daddy" cop is passionately in love with his much younger boytoy. So for every young lad out there with a daddy cop fantasy, your wish may come true some day.

So I wonder if the cop pulled over the younger bloke for speeding and that's how they met? Or perhaps it was in traffic school?

These photos are archived here in their original cropped size.


  1. Anonymous06:13

    Fabuloso.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous06:22

    Double phwoaaarr!!!

  3. More common than you think..
    I have two of my gay friends that are married for many years... In Canada, the gay marriage is legal for many years now..
    First couple Serge 64yo-Daniel 34yo... Ken 63yo-Guy 49yo.
    Myself (60yo) was in couple for 3 years with a 33yo man.
    We seperated in 2011 but are beginning to rejoin since the beginning of 2015..

    So, not rare to see the Dad-son lovers..

    PS. I'm also in touch with a 22yo boy from Plattsburgh that loves me and is so sweet too...

    1. I know that dad/son relationships are not uncommon. What I meant about "fantasy" was an older cop with a young boyfriend. That's not common in the US.

  4. Thank you for these wonderful pics. It is a wonderful thing to be able to see real people really in love and demonstrating that love publicly.


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