12 January 2015

Flip-Flopping Cousins

Here is one of my current favorite pornstars, big strapping Austin Wolf, flip flopping with the smaller Tyler Wolf, who resembles a young John Hawkes. They have the same last name, but I doubt they're related because porn handles are usually fake and Wolf is a common surname.

But if they were cousins, I could definitely understand why Tyler would want to talk his big stud cousin into bed. I have no cousins of my own; I'm the only child of an only child mother and a father who was the only one of his siblings to reproduce. So I miss the male cousins and brothers I never had, who were always wildly more handsome and sexually needy in their fantasy versions than any real relations would ever be.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear and are 65 in total. You can download the entire batch for free right here.


  1. Anonymous09:32

    No creo que sean primos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Axel Madison18:40

    I almost had a hot cousin growing up. It was actually my cousin's brother-in-law. Imagine Kellan Lutz with jet black hair. Haven't seen him in years. Since we were related only by marriage I was free to fantasize without guilt and trust me I did.

  3. I've seen one other video of Austin bottoming.Was really great! I just love seeing top masculine men getting bottomed and getting into it...


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