13 January 2015

Memory Lane

I was attracted to this lad, who is allegedly Portuguese and named Jason, because he strongly resembles someone named Paul I knew about twenty-five years ago. Paul was straight but couldn't care less if other men weren't.

I can't imagine that this is his son, but if he had one, I'd imagine he'd look a lot like this. For his part, I don't think Paul would have kept himself in shape. He was one of those lads who was very nicely built but did nothing to make himself look that way. He liked beer and food, which I have to imagine with time filled out his once nicely muscular body.

The originals for these phots are very large and number four dozen in total. To download the complete set for free, please click here.

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  1. Anonymous06:14

    Is the resemblance just in the face and build?


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