09 January 2015

The Behemoth

This is Leo Bartenev, who is a weightlifting champion in addition to being a professional stripper and bodyguard. He is also straight and married.

I have a weakness for very muscular men who have beards. That's what makes Leo catnip for me. I see a man's beard, and my filthy mind imagines it dripping with thick, creamy white cum.

The original photos for this post are larger than they appear below and are archived here.


  1. Anonymous07:37

    Ive actually chatted with this guy a number of times. Im not sure what site it was .. I forget but geez he sure has put on some nice size since I last saw any pics of him.... all I can say is that he must have some really good juice. He looks great.

  2. Anonymous09:31

    I looked at the images before I read your commentary, Manhandler. I decided that Leo probably would look better without a beard (he has a baby face, and the beard just doesn't seem to fit). But then, that would ruin it for you; oh well.

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous man.

  4. Anonymous11:51

    By the way . .. hes not str8 and if he is married Im sure its to another guy.


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