27 January 2015

What About Chuck?

Can anyone identify the full name of the subject in this vintage photo? It looks like it's from the early 1970s and might be the first image of a set with a bloke stripping down in the woods.

His belt buckle appears to spell out the name "Chuck." Then again it might say "fuck" or "Buick." (Click here for a much larger size version of the same photo.)

This looks familiar to me, and I may have even once had the vintage magazine where this originally appeared. Sadly, my vintage smut collection was destroyed in a fire some years back, so I no longer have my home stroke library.

I'd like to search for the complete set, if one exists, but need a full name for the lad to do that. Unfortunately, because this is a black-and-white photo, Google's image search function will not work (it only works for color pictures).

If you know his full name, please reply in the comments. With a name, and if I find more photos, I will post them here. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous09:09

    I am pretty sure this is Tom Hartung. His hair and beard is longer here than most images, but I am sure this is the same guy.

    Cheers, Tomil


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