10 September 2015

Lean and Hung

I read in a recent interview with Darius that he prefers men who are "mature between 30-48, hairy, dark hair, dark eyes, masculine, confident, dominant type, with sarcastic humour and peaceful personality."

Well, that describes both my boyfriend and me. Darius, we'd be happy to be your dads; we promise to treat you nicely, compliment you when you complete your houseboy chores, pimp you out on occasion for more porn shoots, and otherwise enjoy you for ourselves. If you like submissive men, then you must like doing what you're told, right, son?

I was surprised to learn that Darius is only 27. He also wants to stay in porn and is obsessed with staying in shape. So that's very good news for porn fans, who could still be enjoying watching him in 2035.

The photos below are larger than they appear here and are part of a set totally 48 images. To download the complete lot for free, you'll need to click here.


  1. Damn! Wish he would move in with you guys. And your blog would get even more interesting when you tell us what you are doing to him!

  2. Anonymous07:49

    Adorable.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. OMG!
    Funny that he says that «mature» men are from 30 to 48yo.
    To me, mature men are more 60 and more...

  4. Anonymous12:41



  5. Anonymous01:14

    100% F'G CLASS ACT !!!

  6. Recently discovered his videos...
    Love love looove him as a top.
    Those abs are EVERYTHING!


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