18 September 2015

The Gronk

This is Rob Gronkowski, an American football player, who is better known as The Gronk. He stands 6'6 and he plays as a tight end. I wouldn't mind tapping his tight end.

His trademark apparently is that he's a loud, goofy partier. I have to say he looks the part.

Big, cute, and dumb is okay with me. I knew a fair share of them in high school. Some of the football players were on the track team, as was I. They threw shot, hammer, and discus. I was a sprinter.

We all showered together after practice. I never minded that, and they all liked me because I helped them with their homework and knew the best filthy jokes.

Unfortunately, none of his photos show him naked, but then famous people who are not in the porn biz rarely put naked selfies online. He does seem to go through an awful lot of girlfriends, whatever that means.

I collected together some high-resolution Gronk shots. They are archived online here (mirror here). Included are a few photos not featured below.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    Se ve divertido.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Wow, so manly! Some nice choices of pics. This man... <3

  3. Anonymous16:05

    Sorry..but, this is just lame....

  4. Anonymous11:13

    yum yum big n dumb just how i like em

  5. He is truly a gentle giant 😊


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