02 September 2015

The Cellmates' Reunion

My filthy mind immediately thought of a scenario that brought these two blokes together.

The big one, Derek, was a hardened inmate in a medium-security federal penitentiary, serving out the last two years of his ten-year sentence for armed robbery. The little one, Armond, is sentenced to two years and is randomly selected as Derek's cellmate.

Derek had always thought of himself as straight, but when behind bars, he invariably picked out a small, submissive inmate as his personal cumdump and used him relentlessly. He'd push the smaller lad to his knees, close his eyes, and shove his big hard cock in the other one's mouth. After he blew his first load, he'd toss the little one on his bunk face down, quickly lube his tight virgin ass with some spit, and make him his bitch for the next few hours.

He did the same with Armond on his first night. But this one is different. Armond keeps begging for "harder" and "more please, sir."

With time, Derek soon realizes he has fond feelings for little Armond. And those feelings deepen into love. They vow, once released from prison, they will make a new life together.

Once they're paroled, however, they must spend a year apart, because they're not allowed to consort with other parolees. Finally, the day arrives when their parole is over. They meet up, soon are naked, and enact their love in the best way possible.

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  1. Anonymous06:41

    Me gusta reunirme con viejos amigos para recordar tiempos deliciosos. amigo venezolano,Cucta

  2. Interesting text. Hella interesting video!!! :D


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