20 September 2015

The Doctor Will See You Now

My doctor has zero sex appeal, but he does have a very hot male nurse on his staff. The nurse is ex-military and seems to drop mention of his husband into any conversation within the first sixty seconds.

I imagine that's because he's been hit on quite a few times, particularly when they find out he doesn't like fish. Needless to say, what we see in the video today has never happened anytime I ever visited the doctor.

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  1. Anonymous04:32

    Un doctor muy experto. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Haha my doctor is not very attractive as well and I would want this scenario to happen at all.


  3. Anonymous09:04

    The next time you have to see your doctor, book the last appointment of the day. Perhaps he'll leave once he's seen you and ask the nurse to lock up.


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