15 September 2015

The Straight Roomate

Aaron, the top here, is 22 and allegedly straight. Martin, the bottom, is 37 and obviously has been to the rainbow rodeo before.

A little scenario popped into my head for these two fine-looking lads. Because he travels a lot, Martin owns a house and rents out a spare room via Craig's List to Aaron to keep an eye on the place when he's not home.

Martin returns from a long business trip to find Aaron depressed and horny because his girlfriend dumped him the week before. Seeing an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot, Martin gets a few beers into Aaron and convinces the younger lad to fuck him in order to release all that angry testosterone raging inside.

Aaron is reluctant and uncomfortable at first, but a few more beers and a nice blunt convince him to change his mind. Once Martin goes to work on him, Aaron realizes his older landlord is far better at satisfying his needs than the cunt who dumped him.

When they're washing up afterwards in the shower, Aaron asks shyly, "can we do that again sometime?" The older man immediately gets hard and answers, "sure -- how about right now?"

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below. They are all horizontally formated, so they had to be cropped here, and total 170 in number. To download the whole batch in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.


  1. Oh wow, the straight one is manly & beautiful... He's perfect. Where can I find the actual video?

  2. Anonymous08:06

    Muy convincente Martin. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous08:27

    Your honesty notwithstanding, the 15 year age spread is unbelievable.

    1. You're saying a 22-year-old wouldn't be involved with a 37-year-old? When I was 22, I hooked up with men in their late thirties and into their forties. I'm in my late forties and my boyfriend is in his early thirties. Age is only a number.

    2. Anonymous13:12

      No -- I was referring to their appearance. To me, they looked to be equal in age. I agree that age does not always control chemistry.

  4. Steve15:22

    The shorter one could easily be 15 years older than his "renter." Look at the wrinkles on the neck of the homeowner in the shower scene (last frame). He's at least 35 if not 40. Regardless of age, both of them are very handsome and well built.

  5. Still looking forward to seeing more of the top stud, don't care about their age or whatever...

    Just the top's name. :D And maybe this full video.


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