04 September 2015

Rocco Returns

I've looked a long time for a still photo set featuring big Rocco, aka Mr. Thick. This is the first large one I've found. He takes his buddy Jon into the loo and then splits him in half with his giant cock.

It's curious to realize that Rocco was an "ordinary" non-pornstar for a long time before he was discovered in his early forties. Hopefully he landed as much action as an unknown that he does now, because based on the volume of his filmic output, he's fucking a whole lot of blokes these days.

Making a good living while having sex all the time with hot lads. Now that's a charmed life.

I just realized the bottom here has a cupcake tattoo on the side of his abdomen. I have not a clue what that's supposed to mean.

The originals for these photos are quite large and total more than one hundred forty in number. Most are vertical shots that don't feature well in this block format. To download the complete set without charge, you'll want to click here.

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  1. Anonymous08:58

    El nunca nos ha dejado.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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