11 November 2016

Bum Biter

The New York Times published a good article yesterday (link here) about how many LGBT are alarmed by the election this week. In my personal experience, and perhaps others are seeing this, too, I've found people are getting more anxious with each passing day since the election as the reality sinks in.

On to the porn. I've posted a nice set today featuring Danny and Gabriel making love. I encourage you to download the set to see all images, and I've posted a sample below. For the time being, I'm only posting one picture from the featured set each day.

The watermarked originals for these photos are much larger than they appear here and total more than two dozen in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.


  1. Since 14% of the 🏳️‍🌈 community voted Trump, we have a right to worry.

  2. Anonymous03:35

    Dios nos proteja,Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Don't be disheartened and think no one is listening. We are , and are willing to shed our blood to keep what we have gained.


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