25 November 2016

Silence Is Not Golden

I've received mostly positive comments and emails but a few negative ones about my Donald Trump commentaries. Here's the deal: if you don't like them or don't want to read them, just skip past them and look at the porn and download the zipped picture collections and video scenes. Both the daily porn and commentaries will continue.

I remember Reagan's election as well as those for both Bush I and Bush II. This election is much different. All three of those past Presidents were classic Republicans -- conservative but courtly and with credentials. Reagan and Bush II had both been governors. Bush I had been a Vice-President, a Congressman, an Ambassador to the United States, and more. Trump has no relevant experience.

None of those three former Presidents ran on platforms of mass deportation, religious registries, gleeful warmongering, hateful rhetoric, blatant sexism, and dangerous anti-Constitutional threats. Many of those in Trump innermost circle have threatened even worse than the President-elect himself.

Perhaps Trump won't turn out to be an absolutely horrible President and will be restrained by Congress and the federal court system. But perhaps he'll be even worse than imagined.

I would rather speak up now and alert others to what I see as dangerous threats than to remain silent. Better to be vigilant and ready now, than to be blissfully ignorant and caught flat-footed when it's too late.

The possibility is real that we could soon have a severely conservative Supreme Court that will whittle away the many advances America has seen since the 1950s. Equal marriage rights, birth control rights, women's rights, civil rights, and many more could all be tossed on the ash heap.

I don't want to go to prison for loving another man, and I don't want any of you to, either. Trump has promised to give judicial nomination oversight to the severely conservative Heritage Foundation. That's a threat we must take seriously, because we don't know how far a severely conservative Supreme Court could go. I refuse to remain silent while that real danger hangs over our heads.

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  1. Keep up the political conversation, you are right , haters are wrong! I am amazed that persons allowed to view your labors for free would have the gall to criticize. F*** Trump and the filth he rode in with , more importantly it looks like Pence or Bannon has made every cabinet pick. I agree these are dangerous times, keep shining a light and our oblivious brothers will see soon enough. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Anonymous20:23

    Trump and his hyper-religious proxies are dangerous to America and potentially deadly for the LGBT community. Thank you for speaking out. Better for politics to intrude momentarily on a blog than have it strike in our lives when we don't expect it.

    Call your reps, protest, and donate to the causes that can protect our fellow Americans from the thoughtless policies of a shiftless egomaniac before it's too late, not after.

  3. Anonymous00:11

    What Dwight said above! And I'm glad you are speaking up. Some of us need an education in what is going on in our government and I am going to include myself in that group. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are about the petition to the electoral college and the other petition for a recount and audit of the voting machines in some states. I realize that having enough electors (electorates?) in the electoral college change their votes on Dec. 19th would be unprecedented, but then Donald Trump being elected president is unprecedented. I also know it's a highly unlikely super long shot since Congress would then have to approve the electoral college's votes, but again, I'm just curious to know what your thoughts are on the subject. Thank you for not being silent!

  4. Anonymous12:21

    whats his full name?


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