10 June 2010

The Pool Boy

I used to have a really hot, straight poolboy who was not particularly competent. He was in fantastic shape, very friendly, and well over six feet tall. I was willing to overlook his haphazard service because he was so magnificent to watch.

He seemed the stereotypical surfer dude, as dumb as a box of rocks, but then I was amazed to learn he was a medical student. He ultimately left the company because he was beginning his residency and was replaced by a very good, very nice bloke who never met a dessert he didn't like. Usually pool boys are very hot here in LA but notorious flakes, while a few are very good but not much to look at, so you have to choose between competency and candy.

This is an older photo set, with the model identified as Antonio Rush. I've only ever found one other collection with that name, so either he has another handle (or several) or he just didn't do much smut.


  1. F*cking hot!!!!!!!!!
    Love your blog.
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  2. Just look at that plump lump!....Joe

  3. Fuck that is hot ;)


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