05 June 2010

Straight Guy Needs Help

The producers of this clip are marketing the bloke as straight. I believe they're being honest, unlike the many times when gay lads are fobbed off as hets.

This guy is absolutely scalding hot in the body department, but his onanism skills are lacking. Notice how he just yanks on the thing until he cums. Were he gay, he'd make love to his own cock with a variety of strokes and grips. He'd prolong the pleasure.

A gay man is not timid about his own penis the way a straight bloke is. If he was one of our tribe, he'd enjoy his own body and run his hands up and down his ripped abs as he pleasured himself. He'd probably edge himself, too, building up a huge load of spunk until his balls ached and precum oozed all over his shaft and balls.

He'd slow down at times to tweak his nipples whilst bouncing his cock around by gyrating his hips to prolong the time before orgasm. He'd enjoy the little show he'd put on for himself, savoring his rigid cock bouncing against his stomach and thighs. He wouldn't neglect his balls or his bunghole, either.

When a straight man jacks off, he fantasizes a woman is yanking his crank. He closes his eyes and sees mental pictures of her sucking and fucking him. He is, essentially, fucking an imaginary woman. A gay man, however, makes love to the man in himself. He enjoys his own body and masculinity the way a straight lad never could, because essentially the heterosexual man is desperately trying to blank out the realization that you're really fucking a man, who is yourself.

So Mr. Hottie in this video needs to stop by my place for some jackoff studies. I think he'll need the full twelve-lesson plan. He needs much more hands-on experience.


  1. Anonymous08:51

    You know, for a straight guy, he has no aim. At about 5:30, he has to spit on his dick three times before hitting the tip. If he is straight, he needs to stay away from sports where spitting is involved and accuracy is crucial.

  2. Anonymous00:37

    For what it's worth, I have a video of him in a threesome with two women.

  3. Anon@00:37, please email me at willleveque at gmail dot com so perhaps we can put that at a public link. I can host at a site like MegaUpload, RapidShare, or HotFile. Thanks.

  4. Oof!!

    Stunning body, enticing arse, hilariously lame attempt at acting, and a slightly intimidating cock. (What's with the curve on it - an overtight tendon? Surely that's uncomfortable? No wonder he just yanks at the thing ...)

    But whenever I see a video like this, I can't help wondering: would the photographer have told him it would be women watching this? Otherwise, what completely straight guy would get a hard-on so easily, and jerk off so nonchalantly? Don't people like Cody Cummings get their own special kind of kick knowing he's being watched by other blokes?

    Yeah, I know we're supposed to be talking about how sexy he is. But he's making pretty heavy going out of working up that cumshot, and my mind wandered ... sorry ...

  5. Anonymous19:35

    Wow...Well..I just so happened to..um..know this model. We met awhile back at the gym & although he has been with girls(twice in a threesome with me) I can ASSURE you he's not hetro(yes he,s from your tribe). We "hung out" for about two years before I moved to another city. Trust me he handled my 10inch,cut,dick w/his hands,mouth,& ass very well. I guess you can,t tell everything about a guy from watching him in a porno!
    Very creative(although judgemental)writing though!


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