12 June 2010

Supermarket Sex

The skeptic in me wonders if they really shot this on the sly in a supermarket. You can see a bloke stocking the meat case while the two lads go at it behind the stacked sodas. So is this genuine or was the "butcher" really a day player paid $40 to pretend he was stocking the case and the shoot went down when the store was closed?

I've seen straight pornstar Billy Glide twice in my supermarket, both times in the cracker aisle reading the boxes. I wonder if he'd be up for this?


  1. I gone many time to the supermarket. Why can I not ever find meat like this? Love to do some serious shopping like this.

  2. Anonymous10:46

    i would have to say staged, it's quite hard to believe they would do this for real.

    however, the $ex was hawt!

  3. Ive only seen snippets of this video before!! Thanks for posting the entire scene!! Awesome!


  5. Anonymous12:46

    It was a great video. I would enjoy seeing more like it. But come on, it was totally staged. They are in a fairly busy grocery store in the middle of the day and NOBODY comes down that particular aisle for like 10 minutes. I would like to believe its true, but I can't.

  6. ryan, the bottom guy, is really hot and cute, but is one of those porn guys that has a hard time getting his cock hard. but he looks like having a hard cock in his mouth is as natural as can be.

  7. Anonymous10:02

    Yeah, I found the bottom guy hotter, or should I say really, really hot. He had a great smile and personality and loved to go down on the guy's dick. The scene was probably staged when the store was closed but even so the viewer felt that someone could come upon the guys fucking at any time. The bottom stud, who has a really cut bod, seemed to be the type who would get a charge out of doing anything that involved sex. I do wish that the hot scenes had set his dick off so that it was throbbing hard and leaking precum.

  8. Anonymous10:08

    That Brian guy is burning hot! Hope you find more of him...Post more hot videos plse...very cool site btw!


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