11 August 2011

Big Hot Slutty Bottom

Dawson has a huge porn following. If you've seen him in action, he's pretty incredible to watch. He truly has to be the sluttiest pig bottom out there.

In my opinion, he looks better in his videos than he does in these pictures because he's usually taller than his tops. Here you don't get a sense of his size. It may also be because he's often paired with scruffy looking, heavily tatted tops or lads who only in average shape, hence they seem to fade to the background and make him more noticeable.


  1. Anonymous06:15

    well if you don't think these pix (mighty fine btw) do him justice, you'll just have to post a video clip of this hot as fuck guy in action. LOL.

  2. Send him over. I would love to fuck that arse of his as well.


  3. Anonymous12:08

    ...the "star" of "20 Load Weekend," "50 Load Weekend," and many more recent bareback classics. Unfortunately, the guys who fuck him are usually too skinny, too fat and/or otherwise unattractive.

  4. There is a vid I was watching where this top was fucking him on these gray wooden steps. The top was HUGE and was really rough. Dawson took it like a champ and really hot!

  5. Anonymous12:24

    Anybody got a link??? Thanks!

  6. Anonymous19:57

    anyone know where to watch vid clips?


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