24 August 2011

Black Socks Theater

If you have a hankering for alpha masculine bullstuds rutting in black socks, this video should ring your chimes. Those who like to see hot men fucking probably won't have anything to complain about, either.


  1. Hot video here. Come on by and visit for a spell.


  2. Anonymous11:41

    That was filmed in Montréal, first in Jacques Cartier Place, near the Old Port, in the Old Montréal section...

    I think I saw those two men in the gay village once....
    Super to see love in Montréal..

    JiEL, Montréal, Canada

  3. pcket male13:01

    Why yes, I do have a hankering for alpha masculine bullstuds rutting in black socks. I'd like one ticket into your Black Socks Theatre, please.

  4. Anonymous13:58

    Fuck, that was one hot video--and the black socks made made me so honry, I'm light headed. Thanks!

    But I also enjoyed the first minute and a half. It was very sweet--just two guys enjoying each others company out in the open. I wish scenes like that were more common in real life.

    I think it was clever of you to included the ending credits. This way everyone knows who the players were without any accusations of laziness.

    Leo G.

  5. Anonymous15:16

    Yes, it's me again. Time for your regular scolding for not identifying the actors and the movie. To think I'm not even a fan of these two or the director Michael Lucas. The tall, dark hair guy with the tribal tattoos is Adam Killian,and the other guy is Jessie Colter. The flick is "Gentlemen Vol. 2:Power Professionals".

  6. Anonymous12:54

    Usually when a gay man scolds another gay man, it's a lot of fun. But I guess there is exceptions.

    Anyway, this video was so hot, I had to watch it again.

    Was it my imagination, or did cum fall from the ceiling? (28:16)

    Leo G.

  7. Anonymous12:10

    this is an outstanding video far from porn
    cliches these guys are real,they act as ordinary people thanks


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