02 August 2011


These are still frames from vintage porn movies republished in an old stroke magazine. These kind of periodicals were very popular in past decades. If you lived somewhere without a gay porn theater, you had to settle for smut like this in an era where being "out" in many places was unwise.

In my opinion, gay porn from the 1970s and 80s seems to have had more and better cocksucking scenes. I've come up with a theory why: some blokes went to porn movies both to watch the films and to get an anonymous blowjob in the darkened theater. What better way to enhance what was happening to you by seeing the same thing on the big screen?

Some of my happiest memories from my college days were the jaunts I took to movie theaters to watch porn and get sucked. Some have golden recollections of proms or big games. Mine was shooting loads in anonymous blokes' mouths. Chances are he was a married man from Orange County. Sometimes you could see the glint of his wedding ring in the dark.

It always took well over an hour from West Los Angeles into Hollywood on the bus. All the while my anticipation would grow at what would soon happen. I always wore my snug 501s with no underwear for easy access.

You could pretty much be guaranteed some bloke would suck you if you selected a seat about three or four in from the aisle. If nothing happened after a while, you changed seats and tried again. That usually would send a signal to the eager cocksuckers in the crowd that you needed immediate attention. Some of them must've gone home to the wife with a stomach full of jism. "No dinner for me tonight, honey -- I grabbed something after I left the office."

If you'd like to download a free folder with scans of this entire magazine, be sure to click here.

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