29 August 2011


The word "snookered" derives from the game called "snooker," which is something like pool. One is snookered when one is hustled at snooker but not cheated, and the word long ago spread into the common vernacular. The word "snooker" originally was slang for a military rookie.

With his cock in Carioca's mouth, Kurt looks like he did the snookering here. However, in the video from which these shots were taken, Carioca ends up pounding Kurt on top of the snooker table, so presumably Kurt lost the bet.


  1. Anonymous08:18

    My understanding of the game Snooker is that you are "snookered" when your opponent's shot sets the balls up in such a way that there is almost zero chance you can make a shot without making a foul play and thereby losing a shot. It's about being put in an impossible position - "cornered", if you like.

    I like the "Hustle" idea, though. I'd gladly let myself be hustled by either Carioca or Kurt


  2. What? No video link? And those two look so hot together!


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