27 August 2011

Down at the Sperm Bank

I presume this is not real but it's fun nonetheless. I wonder if they let you bring a friend to help in your sperm donation session? Wanking to a smut mag whilst straddling the loo isn't the most conducive setting for fantasies.


  1. Anonymous07:58

    I think the sign, "In an emergency pull cord" sums it all up.

    Somehow you managed to find the most unsexy jack off video I've ever seen. That being sai, it was educational.

    I've never donated sperm before, (at least not clinically), so I have so many questions. Does the client have to completely disrobe to donate? Why is camera 4 on the floor? Is there a place for the client to lay down to jack off? Do Sperm Banks have janitors or is this dude just compulsive about cleaning up?

    By the way, did you notice the curve in that dude's cock? To think, some lucky girl is going to have his baby and never get to enjoy the pleasure of his hook. Shame.

    Leo G.

  2. OMG I's love him to give my ass a sperm donation !

  3. Anonymous11:12

    His sperm will sure make some attractive babies. The only criticism I make of his beautiful manly body is a slight deficiency in the ass department, i.e. not much shape. But he's still gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous13:29

    Is this supposed to be hot? It's not. The guy's only decent looking, the setting (and the video) are really clinical, and the guy's got a weird, bent cock. He doesn't even look like he has an orgasm. He sure wastes a lot of water flushing the toilet, though!


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