10 August 2011

Jocks in Socks

This one goes out to all you lads out there with a sock fetish. I usually wear nothing but thick socks to bed, as does my boyfriend, because otherwise the rest of your body stays warm. So we end up having sex in only our socks quite often.


  1. Anonymous07:42

    a couple of times i've had impromptu heated "encounters" in my office. it's funny because both times we ripped our suits, ties, and shirts off...everything...but for some reason the over-the-calf socks stayed on. i don't have a sock fetish but for some reason that was kinda hot.

  2. WOOF onthis video. very HOT.


  3. Anonymous15:20

    I've never kept my sock fetish a secret--but I prefer black dress socks. The really get me going.

    Good video--but for some reason, my computer stopped short of the final cum shot. Bummer. I guess I'll have to make one of my own.

    Leo G.

  4. I've fucked some of the hottest guys with the grosses feet. So, my take is that if your feet are gross and calloused, you're likely to keep your socks on as well.

  5. Anonymous15:21

    By the way, I liked how Mr. Bottom whimpered like a puppy. I found it cute and damn sexy.

    Leo G.


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