28 August 2011

The Father-in-Law

Chip was shocked when his future wife's father made an ultimatum after he asked for her hand in marriage: I'll only say yes if you suck my cock. Chip was even more shocked by how much he enjoyed the sensation when Mr. Madison's hard tool was crammed down his throat.

When the older man offered to stuff a special kind of dowry up his ass, Chip bent over and said "thank you sir!" Every Saturday thereafter, Chip visited his father-in-law for additional payments on that dowry.


  1. Anonymous09:50

    Yes, it’s me again. Should I still scold you? I think you like it. The movie is “The Mentor” from 1999 directed by Paul Barresi (!). Don’t tell me you don’t know who Barresi is. The hot daddy is Mark Mason, and the cute little hottie is Peter Wilder. Wasn’t Wilder adorable? He reminds me a lot of Elijah Wood.

  2. Anonymous14:01

    LOVED THIS!!! always been fond of the older man / younger man hook-up. the son-in-law is hot as fuck. strange downward curve to the father-in-law's cock. loved their jibber jabber too. thx bro...this one's a definite "keeper!"

  3. Why couldn't I have a father in law like this? {Shit, I'd marry her just to have him!}

  4. Anonymous01:11

    Sounds like a fair deal to me

  5. Anonymous13:53

    Mr. Madison looks a lot like Gus Maddox, but he's not as good looking or as personable as Gus. Two disappointing money shots at the end.

  6. Anonymous05:23

    I'm viewing on my iPhone. but the video link is nit there. anyone else with iPhone have trouble seeing the videos?

    great site!!!

  7. Anonymous19:20

    If it got muscle daddy Mark Mason fucking me every weekend, I might just marry his daughter.

  8. love that fantasy, colby keller did a great one in lifegaurd men of the deepwater (i think)


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