25 October 2011

Yet He Masturbates on Cam

Michael is a very nice looking lad and very well put together. He's from Florida and half Italian, half Puerto Rican. He's 26, weighs 175 pounds, and stands 5'10".

I've never seen a still photo of him naked online. That's not to say they don't exist, but I've been looking at porn on the internet for close to twenty years and have a good visual memory (yet terrible at names); however, I don't ever recall seeing him in the full monty.

Videos are an entirely different matter. It's not hard to find lengthy cam footage of Michael working out in the nude and jacking off. Hours and hours worth out there. He can't keep his hands off his cock.

This I do not understand. It's somehow untoward to have a tasteful, artistic nude shot of yourself made? Yet it's perfectly okay to jack off like crazy for hours on end in filmed footage that will exist until the end of recorded time?


  1. I like the pic of him with the tie...I always find such poses to be highly erotic...

  2. Anonymous15:17

    I have seen lots of still pics of him online. Google: Michael Fitt....lots of hot pics. he also has a good looking brother.

  3. Anonymous18:53

    are there a few links outside of his website????

  4. Weird. It's kinda that way with Pete Kuzak who's never made a video. [Supposedly he's straight] But the whole thing turns into such a cock tease, it's frustrating!

    But to go the other way, and never do nude photos is really weird. Maybe it's a pay issue, or maybe he just can't get hard or have a nice semi on when he's in a photo shoot. I'LL BET THAT'S IT! IF HE'S NOT HARD, HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S HUNG LIKE A HAMSTER! Poor thing; he needs to relax.


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