07 June 2012

Armed and Dangerous

You might think that being so generously endowed could limit your pool of sex partners. You would terrify some potential partners once they saw your size. Given how this lad gleefully shows off his gift, I'm guessing he doesn't have this problem.

His defiant exhbitionism seems to be saying "I'm hung and I'm getting all I want." If he wasn't getting it regularly, arguably he wouldn't be so determined to show off his weapon. But if it's any consolation, he's on the short side -- I can tell by his proportions in the doorway; his head is nowhere near the top.

I found this on an interesting new Tumblr Stuff I Jerk To.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    The pleassure is not just in getting all he wants, it's in knowing that he can take it too if he choses to

  2. Anonymous10:28

    what an amazing, fantastic, schlong!!! God - he should do porn!

  3. Anonymous20:02

    Too hot! Too hot! What more can I say? Too Hot!

  4. Anonymous20:02

    I said too hot. I mean, I want that! Yum!

  5. Anonymous20:04

    That cock is crazy gorgeous!

  6. Anonymous02:33

    Now if he'd just clean up him room!

  7. I want to throw it over my shoulder and burp it.

  8. Anonymous23:06

    Short is HOT! That is not a problem with me.

  9. Anonymous11:26

    One word - PHOTOSHOP!

  10. Anon @11:26, not Photoshopped. I've seen a folder with dozens and dozens of this guy's dick shots. They're all consistent.

  11. Anonymous02:41

    For me, such an appendage is ridiculous. A big piece of flesh, no more, and not exciting at all. I don't understand that obsession for huge cocks.


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