16 June 2012

The Office

Here in Reality Land, which is a lot more boring than Porn Land, I imagine things like this happen far less often. The ginger lad looks a little bit like Prince Harry.


  1. Anonymous11:46

    Oh my! That is one hot top. Does anyone know who he is?

  2. Anonymous21:03

    Ivan Daniloff.

  3. Anonymous02:39

    Decided to have a quick look at the beginning of this...
    Couldn't stop watching...
    Ten minutes later and I've cum...
    (Edged all the way through it and shot at the same time as the Office Manager)
    TOTALLY hot!!

  4. This happens at work MUCH more than people think, but then again, it depends on where and how you work. In large corporate buildings--it's a favorite past time; I used to do it all the time. [Thank God for men's rooms and hot,horny, doable co workers!]

    But! Where I work now, there's no one hot, horny-- OR doable for that matter. I miss those days.


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