30 June 2012

Suck Me Bro

A lot of porn treats blowjobs as sort of a prefunctory starter before quickly moving on to the sex. This video is an exception, with almost twenty minutes of cocksucking before anyone's bunghole is violated.


  1. Anonymous06:26

    That's some great cocksucking and especially the deep throat action on that muscular dude with the big cock. Always fuels this chronic bator's addiction.

  2. Anonymous10:39

    ... and it's hot! especially the guy in the middle and the way the video starts, music and all ... kinda cheesy, but hot ...

  3. Great cocksuckung!!! I allways loved this video!

  4. Anonymous04:26

    Is this from the 80's? Is Jason Adonis still doing porn I wonder?

  5. This is one of my favorite clips--I should just break down and buy the DVD. More Collin O'Neal please! Can't get enough of him!


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