28 June 2012

Greed Is Good

Sometimes greed is not good. If you lay people off whilst paying yourself millions in bonuses, then that sort of greed is very bad.

If you're a cockwhore and can't get enough dick to suck, like Drew pictured here on his knees, that sort of greed is very good. If you think cum is a food group, then there's nothing wrong with your sort of greed.

I think I've mentioned here that, during my single days, I used to hook up sometimes with blow-and-go guys. They lived to service horny anonymous guys who needed a blowjob. One in particular had an apartment right by the 405 in the Valley. I remember once when I stopped by to be serviced, he said something like, "you're the tenth guy I sucked off this afternoon." Now that's a good greedy.

These pictures are all larger than they appear here, so if you click you'll see them full-sized. In the first shot, if you look closely, you'll see some precum dribbling off Christian's cock in the middle of his shaft.


  1. Anonymous08:02

    Some would call the guy in the Valley most fortunate or damn lucky.

  2. Anonymous09:18

    I fully agree with what you say in the text, especially the bit in the first paragraph!

  3. Greed is good in anything that also benefits parties other than yourself (...as, for instance, in a HOT, SLOPPY, SLEAZY, b/j!!!!).


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