10 June 2012

Officer Donnie

Donnie Russo is the older bloke here. He has the whole alpha cop look down perfectly. Donnie has made some odd porn choices in his career. I've seen him in films where he's a demanding alpha top and in others where he's a completely submissive pig bottom gladly enduring any and all abuse.


  1. Anonymous13:24

    I love HIM - he's such a filthy and masculine stud!!!

  2. Anonymous23:03

    I had some fun with hi in a gym steam room in Brooklyn about twelve years ago. He was in the submissive position... no actual fucking though.

  3. Anonymous09:29

    I had friends in LA years ago that were friends with Donny Russo.. . they hooked us up one day.. .he came over to my place. . what a HUGE bottom he was. . .

  4. Anonymous11:20

    you know what? he is so sexy i'd love to see his body from both sides if i ever got a chance. i find beefy masculine bottoms a real turn on instead of derogatory roles. the ashtrayboy thing was a bit weird but the rest of this vid made a mess of me twice it was so hot.


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