14 June 2012

Big Nut Sac

These are all images from a great Tumblr I like, called Big Nut Sac, that was dormant for a while but recently was revived. If you like big, full, juicy male testicles, you'll want to have a look.


  1. Anonymous06:42

    Guys in the 1st and Lat pics are HOT !!!

  2. the guy in the shower and the guy with jeans down on the orange sofa do it for me.......YUMM!

  3. RedTex15:39

    Love pics of beautiful nuts! Thanks for posting these. Love your blog.

  4. Anonymous05:45

    yeah, orange sofa stud does it for me too. can picture it now.

    "You're right, Tommy, you do have huge nuts. Don't know about her, but I um .. . I'd lick them for you. As long as no one would know."


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