11 June 2012

A Cockwork Orange

These are production stills for a new porn flick that parodies the classic A Clockwork Orange, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. I find it a bit odd someone is making a parody of a movie that's more than 40 years old, but I guess they have their reasons. If the sex is steamy, blokes will watch it because of that and not because of the parody.

Given the smut version is probably 98 percent sex with a few lines of dialog thrown in, I don't think we can expect much in the way of a true parody. If porn performers could actually act and the producers made it 50 percent plot with the other half sex, it could be really hot.


  1. Anonymous09:32

    Whow are the guys in the 3rd and 4th pics down? Anyone know? I know the one in the 3rd pic goes by some initials. . D something or other. . both are HOT.

  2. The guys here are hot ... though I'm not sure that bowler hat (worn by Malcom whatshisname in Kubrick's film) has any business in a porn flick ...

  3. Anonymous17:01

    Jesse Santana, Marc Dylan, and D.O. are all in it? I am SO there!!! What they do is better than acting, IMO.

  4. Anonymous08:20

    Ive actually chatted with Marc Dylan on line a few times. . . doesnt come across as being very friend. . . in fact, came across as a real hustler and overly full of himself. THAT just dont work with me! Especially since I physically look better than he does! Sorry Mr Dylan. Id suggest he get a REALITY check and some personality training. Ones video fame ONLY carries you so far and then your all used up. Being a real and genuine nice guy goes a much longer way. THANK YOU.

  5. Anonymous13:42

    Only Jesse Santana sparks my interest, he can do no wrong xD

    the other guys, especially Marc Dylan are way too over used. I can't watch anything with Marc Dylan anywhere near it...

  6. berlinboy23:40

    totally agree with the above concerning Marc Dylan...he´s really past it....Alexander Garrett on the other hand, hot today and probably even hotter tomorrow

  7. Anonymous02:21

    Enough of these guys (some decorated like Christmas trees) seen on every gay site on the web.


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