01 June 2012

Lunch Hour Rendezvous

These appear to be outtakes from a porn video but I don't know the title. The images suggest a story -- a businessman hooks up with a leather dom and gets a little more than he bargained for.

I totally love the last shot with the long drip of precum. Now I want to see the movie.


  1. "The Businessman" is Corey Jay. Popular in videos in the 80's (or maybe the 70's).

  2. Anonymous08:06

    The second last picture is pretty darn hot too.

  3. Anonymous09:36

    Those pics show clearly what's meant by the phrase, "getting the benefit of the bargain."

  4. Anonymous13:11

    The images are from the Hot House vid Sanctuary 1. And uber daddy Cory Jay is hotter today than he was when he started doing porn, except for the tatts.

  5. Yes, the bottom is Corey Jay. Did a lot of Hot House videos in the 90s. He has an amazing hole that can take a LOT! He's back doing vids again!


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