13 July 2012

Silver Stud

This is Farhad, who is an Iranian-American model from New York. He's in his early forties and is five-foot-eight.

I really like his distinctive look, enhanced by the fact that he didn't razor away all that magnificent fur. I also like how he's not afraid to push the envelope and show more bush and cock than most models would.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

  2. Anonymous10:01

    ... to fucking friggin' HOT for words!!! amazing!

  3. Anonymous01:11

    pleeeeeease dear porn producers out there: find more sizzling hot guys like this one for your new films....so much hotter than those smooth youngbees we see these days

  4. I first saw him a few years ago and I agree with the others...fucking hot. He has that great "daddy" look that makes one want to roll over and do anything for him.

  5. Anonymous07:20

    Wish I would age like him!!

  6. whoa. He is so hot. Love to see more guys like him. Mature, together and ready to go. He's an inspiration and I'm leaving for the gym now. Aging great. Roll model. Wow. What a stud.


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