09 October 2012

I Need New Tires

Tire salesmen can be fast-talking hucksters like Mitt Romney. But when your tire salesman is naked, you know he can't have any tricks up his sleeve. (Okay, I know it's an inner tube and not a tire, but how long did it take before you noticed that?)

I actually do need new tires and the place where I buy them has a major hottie who is very honest. He's straight, married, and keeps fathering more children, so no chance of anything more than sightseeing and a competitive price on new radials.


  1. Anonymous08:14

    First thing I notice on this heavenly sight, is those "guns" (arms), to me a sign of masculine strength.

    Oh and btw, maybe I shouldn't say this, but what the heck, go get your tires, and "play" up to the hot married straightie, in your own subtle way, most guys are not getting "ahead" at home... you know what I mean?

    BJ (99.99%) of guys love them.

  2. Anonymous10:02

    The thing speaks for itself!

  3. Anonymous10:28

    no, what he needs is NO tyres at all! I say: ditch 'em!

  4. I don't, but I do ;-)

  5. Anonymous12:14

    Get yourself some Pielli's, incredible tires. If you just want some good tires but don't want to spend a fortune get some Michelin X Radial's especially if you own a Prius. Cheers

  6. Anonymous20:38

    JED HILL !

  7. Anonymous09:47

    Jed Hill . . . yum.

  8. Anonymous19:04

    That's Jed Hill. And I'd like to pump up his inner tube.


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