03 October 2012

The Annoying American

Next time I see a hot guy in a coffee place or a bookstore, I plan to click my pen to see if I can get a blowjob out of him. I had no idea it was this easy.


  1. Spencer Reed could fuck me any time.

  2. Anonymous20:18

    did you do something different to your site in the last week ? YOUR SITE is the ONLY site I cannot bring the videos up any more. . this just started occuring a few days back. . . I dont have any probs bringing up vids on any other site or blog .. .just YOUR site. . .. why is that?

  3. Anonymous09:42

    can I give you an idea of what the problem MIGHT BE as to why I cant seem to bring up any vids posted on your site anymore? I have noticed that before you didnt use to have so many postings left on your page at a time. .. and NOW you seem to have a long LONG page full of postings... THAT just might have something to do with WHY someone such as myself cant open up vids on your site any more. ... . I cant figure out any other reason... I do not have this problem on any other site and this just started happening on YOUR site a few days ago .... .

  4. Anon, Blogger changed to a new control panel and reset some of the values to default. I've changed the setting now so that only seven days show at a time. Let me know if you're still having a problem.

  5. manhandler... me having same prob :(

    1. Try this direct link to the video on the Xvideos site:


      If you're not able to see it directly on the Xvid site, then that's an IP problem on your end.


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