22 January 2015

The Ginger Viking

Hollywood often depicts Vikings as dark and somewhat swarthy, but in reality they were probably more on the blond and ginger side. Erik the Red, for instance, had flaming red hair.

The ginger lad here with the big Norse beard is Bennett Anthony, a relatively new stud in the porn firmament. According to a recent interview, his porn contract forbids him from shaving his body hair. That suggests hair is back in porn, and I couldn't be happier. His fuckmate here is Jimmy Fanz, who also thankfully didn't take a razor to his nice pelt.

The originals for these photos are massive and total one hundred in number. To download the complete set for free, you should click here.


  1. Anonymous08:13

    Ellos siempre serán motivo de admiración.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous12:56

    Wish the images weren't so "stage-y," but Mr. Anthony is a ginger dreamboat.

  3. Anonymous14:25

    Love it, Mr. A is an A in my book!

  4. Anonymous06:10

    Love, Love, Love Mr. Anthony!

  5. very stage-y, agreed, what happened to hot guys who just wanna have sex??


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