02 January 2015

The Hairy Beast

Alex Corsi, also known as Alex Baresi, appeared in porn for the second half of the last decade and then retired. That's a shame, because as you can see he's magnificent. That ripped body, furry pelt, and fat uncut cock make for a winning combination.

According to one porn reference page, he is from Italy, stands 6'1, and is primarily a bottom. Most of his filmed scenes had him playing the submissive bottom and riding the bologna pony.

The photos below are much larger than they appear, so the originals are archived here for your inspection and saving (backup here).


  1. Anonymous11:47

    Nice and furry, but defiantly well kept, man-scaping not gone crazy...(i.e. bald as a coot...double yuck!) Alex you're sir are double-fuckin-yum!!!

  2. Anonymous04:06

    Adorablemente peludo.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta.


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