08 January 2015

The Prisoner

This big strapping lad is none other than straight pornstar Nacho Vidal. He was featured here on this blog four years ago in a jerkoff video.

I think it's time for Nacho to join team rainbow. He's buttfucked trannies and has been buttfucked himself by women with strapons. He loves doing women in anal. He's hung like a moose. Just give the lad a few hits on a bong, double his salary, and he'll be grabbing his ankles or at least stuffing another lad's cookie.

As for what these pictures are about, I have no idea. A BDSM fantasy shoot perhaps? The originals are much larger and archived here for your viewing and saving.


  1. Anonymous07:08

    It's unlikely he would try but if he did, he wouldn't float my boat.

  2. Anonymous09:16

    This guy has been around forever hasn't he? Ive seen str8 vids of him when he was young to vids of him when he didn't look as young so I don't know exactly when these pics were taken but I think whoever took the pics really didn't do that great a photography job to be honest. Just my opinion.


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