21 January 2011

Married With Children

This bloke reminds me a lot of an older married man from Orange County who occasionally hooked up with me when I was in my twenties. He had a nice thick cock, too, and the same sort of cocky handsome smirk. He looked a fair bit like Harry Hamlin, who was very popular at the time, thanks to L.A. Law.

He used to take me to Best Western on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. He was always dressed nicely in an expensive suit but I have no idea what kind of work he did. I've long lost touch with him but remember him well. If he's still alive, I wonder if he remembers me?

I'm intrigued also by the man in the photo. Was he looking to hook up and that's why he took this photo whilst dressed in a suit and advertising his cock? Did his coworkers and friends think he was a fairly "normal" guy, the sort who would never put pictures of his junk on the internet? Was he gay, bi, or straight?


  1. hot.. i love a sexxy business guy..

  2. Anonymous06:55

    I really don´t know his marital status, or sexual orientation... but, anyway, wanna marry him LOL :-)

  3. Well, he's ST8, he's a big poster on newbienudes.com, and considers himself an exhibitionist. He'll go naked just about anywhere, but only with women. Lives in Cali, seems nice enough...

  4. He kind of reminds me of Billy Bush from Access Hollywood

  5. Will, you said, "I wonder if he remembers me?"

    I don't think there is any doubt. We older guys do remember those great young encounters! Perhaps he is reading this and contact you.

  6. Anonymous11:17

    Judging by those frilly black curtains, he's straight and married. No gay guy could every embrace those window treatments.

    I know its hot and it makes for great porn, but I can't imagine wearing a $2,000 suit without underwear. Skid marks, piss drips, and pre-cum may be OK on denim, but not on imported silk fabric. Sure I'm gay, but I'm pratical too.


  7. Anonymous22:38

    What's his username NewbieNudes.comm

  8. Anonymous06:52

    Are there other pics of him anywhere else??


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