24 February 2011

It Pays to Advertise

I love this picture. It's both artistic and trashy. If some lad was standing bareassed in the loo like this and I walked up to use the other urinal, I don't think I could keep my hands to myself.


  1. Anonymous06:02

    Damn fine image - and yes! I would not want to keep my hands to myself either!

    - Pax

  2. hot as hell :)

  3. I would want to play with him as well.


  4. Anonymous08:28

    looks like this boy is inviting attention, someone to walk up behind him and - help him out........

  5. Anonymous11:30

    If you want your own McLaughlin Chevrolet T-shirt, you'll have to go to Whitman, Mass. Pick one up for me please! - Montana Cowboy

  6. Anonymous18:54

    This picture makes me proud to be an American.

    Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.


  7. Anonymous22:22

    I travel a lot for work and I see guys at the urinal with dropped trou all the time. Usually in the Delta Sky Club men's room. I don't get why.

  8. Anonymous17:29

    Only one reason to drop trou... you want to get noticed. That does not mean you want to get touched. Wait for a proper invitation. Show amazingly hot boy your rock hard dick pissing in the bowl next to his. If he reaches over and helps you out, his ass is likely yours. If amazingly hot boy looks at your rock hard dick pissing in the bowl and says WTF, tell his beautiful rock hard glutes they don't know what they are missing and then tell him to fuck off. If he laughs... his ass is still yours. If he bolts... well then you still get to look at that ass on its way out the door then shoot your load in that bowl using the visual. Everybody wins.


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