16 February 2011

You're Fired!

The bloke in the striped shirt, big Spence, just keeps getting hotter and hotter. He can reprimand me like this anytime he wants. If you'd like to watch this in a larger screen version, be sure to click here.

For those of you with timing-out issues on MegaVideo, after starting the clip, pause it for a minute or two to let the cache catch up. That will give it a head start to caching some of the content.


  1. Anonymous06:12

    There you go! That is what I am talking about!

    Thanx Will

  2. Don't we all love eager beavers. Boy the boss is a hunk, don't think I could go that long with out giving him my hole. Got me leaking in my briefs.

  3. I would love to work for both of them. I know how to take dick-ta-tion.


  4. Anonymous13:08

    bad , very bad music / uninteresting partner /
    middle-of-the-road quality of the movie /
    but Spencer is a First-Class Mega-Hunk
    ( it's true that he's getting bigger and bigger
    and hotter and hotter !!! ) in fact he's my
    newest porn-crush ....

  5. Anonymous15:38

    in appreciation for the blog, the porn, i'd be happy to reprimand you or be reprimanded by you will. damn...that was hot. many thanks!

  6. Anonymous16:23

    For me, it's a good day at the office when my boss buys donuts. Wow! What a great place this would be to work!


  7. Great video, what a cock on the guy with the striped shirt. Thanks for your posts.

  8. Anonymous19:46

    Who are the "actors"? What is the film? I think they have good chemistry and should do more.


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