22 April 2011

The Chauffeur

Big Kurt would like to take you for a ride. Would you like to go with him?

I've seen a video clip featuring him in this chauffeur costume whilst topping his musician employer. The latter is anxious about some performance, so Kurt steadies his nerves by stuffing his fat uncut cock in his mouth and bum.

I like when roles are reversed like this. Rather than the servant being at the mercy of his employer, he lords over the ostensibly more powerful man. I think it's a lot more exciting that way.


  1. Oh yeah! I'd let Kurt drive me anywhere! Drive me Kurt, harder, harder, faster, harder, oh, oh, oh...


  2. Anonymous06:29

    New look for Kurt. I like him furry and scruffy, but I'm kinda diggin' the boy look.

  3. Anonymous12:50

    He can drive me--crazy.



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