19 April 2011

Safe Sex Vampire

I'm guessing this is a clever fake. If it's real, I want to know in what movie a naked David Boreanaz appears whilst holding a filled condom. I think I need to see that cinematic masterpiece straight away.


  1. Anonymous06:07

    What a great fantasy! Ironic that he stars in Bones...

    - John

  2. I would take himin a heart beat. He can bite me anywhere.


  3. Anonymous07:41

    Yeah that's not his body. Even at his best, which I think he is now as seen on Bones a few episodes ago, he doesn't have that V. He has a very square torso.

  4. Anonymous09:15

    Looks real.

  5. Anonymous11:36

    Actually it is his body, but someone photoshopped in the dick/condom.

    Here is a link to pix of him in the movie where the picture is from (oh, and there are tons more pix too):

    h t t p : / / gallery.superherofan . net/D/David-Boreanaz/index26.html

    (delete spaces in link)

  6. Anonymous12:37

    I'm leaning toward agreeing with Sean. Boreanaz, by the way, is reputed to be a self-centered pig.

  7. Anonymous13:06

    @Anonymous: From one Anonymous guy to another, you may want to check in with your vision specialist. Or maybe get a new monitor. Still, can't fault a guy for dreaming.

  8. Anonymous14:59

    The problem with these fakers is that they use current pictures. There is no way a big star like David Boreanaz would pose for this kind of picture now. But back as a young struggling actor, maybe. These fakers need to pin younger face pics on their collection of naked bodies to make them more believeable.

    That being said, YUM!


  9. The name of the movie is These Girls and it is not very good. haha


  10. Anonymous21:03

    it's a fake, body & face are two different people' you can tell by the lighting and stiffness in the neck area. If you cut around the face you can already see someones shopped it already. Plus, at this point in his career you know he's too smart to let someone take a photo of him that would ruin that nice income he takes home - Graphic Designer to the stars

  11. Anonymous01:22

    One can tell that the image is a product of bad Photoshop though for the most part it is he. Take your eyes from his blurry member and check out the hands...utterly freaky...and if you look at the image behind Borneanaz the head is suspiciously blurred as well.

  12. Anonymous01:28

    If that were his body, I wish it would be MORE muscular!!


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