29 April 2011

Someone to Watch Over Me

This set speaks strongly to me because I have always been attracted to larger blokes who dwarf me. My boyfriend is a big beast who favors small men like me, so we were a perfect fit from the start. I was not physically bullied as a child but I did have a largely absent father, so perhaps I have some kind of a psychological need for a big gentle brute.

A big man needs to be careful when he's with a smaller lad, so perhaps therein lies some of the attraction -- that he's very strong yet tender shows he cares for me. He can completely dominate me when I want that, but he's confident enough to let the tables turn, too, and be submissive.

This set would have been hotter had the big bloke let the little one top him, but I guess the pornmeisters didn't want that. Jeremy, the strapping one, has bottomed on occasion, so he's certainly not afraid of cock. And his hole, as seen in some of the pictures, is just begging to be filled with something thick and hard.


  1. super hot! I'm a big lad who shares your desire to be held and handled by someone even bigger, so in my fantasies I'm always the twink even though my bf and I are about the same size!

  2. Anonymous08:03

    Do you know what porn this set is from?

  3. Anonymous11:13

    Look at that guy's ass in the last picture. You can see the puckering of his hole. Sweet.


  4. Anonymous11:34

    It's RandyBlue: Jeremy Walker and Trent Davis


  5. Anonymous06:43

    Jeremy Walker- perfect combination of a muscle man's body with a college jock face.

  6. Anonymous08:11

    Oh god. I just got an instant hard-on from reading your intro to those pics. I have to go find someone to fuck. Thank you!

  7. Yeah, throw your legs in the air and just let him pound the fuck out of you.

  8. watch trailer here:



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